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Crossview is a little but powerful tool for software and hardware inventory. It works by collecting various types of file and registry information. Crossview can enumerate pci devices, installed software or any registry contents by collecting and analyzing all subkey values of a specified registry key. The output can be copied to other programs or documents for reporting purposes.

Crossview is capable of comparing the displayed info for two or more different computers, thus offering a simple way of network inventory. Just specify which data column to compare and connect to another computer, Crossview will compare the registry values.

A lot of macro commands from the command line are supported.

Custom view editing

The view contents and the collected data can be fully customized and adapted to your own usage.
Standard available views are: Installed programs, Registered ActiveX controls, installation files in a folder, displaying an ini file in a matrix.

The built-in view editor offers to create your own custom views, including specifying a base registry key to enumerate, selecting the data to display, and specifying conditions based on the data. 

Folder view and MSI properties

Crossview can also list files in a folder with a specified recursive level. In this type of view, some exe file properties like fileversion and description are also listed, as well as several MSI file properties. For Windows Installer files it also checks whether the msi is installed or not.

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