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Ordering the Active Distribution Console

Ordering a license will register your ADC and allow you to distribute as much data as you need. You order by faxing the order form in the installation set or by following one of the secure online ordering links below. You can also contact us directly for a personal offer or for a trial registration key.

The registered version shows the name of the license owner at program start. Most licenses are bound to a specified number of clients. This is not a limitation to your total base of clients but it is the maximum number of active receiving stations for one distribution.

Below you will find several licensing options for the Active Distribution Console. Our secure online ordering service is provided by Regsoft, Inc. Before submitting your data, be sure to verify that there is a closed lock in the status bar below.

A price quote for any number of clients is available on request by email. Getting multicast in your environment does not have to be expensive.  

Personal License

For managing a small domain or SOHO. The Personal License allows the ADC to run from one computer. This computer name must be specified when registering.

Available personal licenses are:

If your console's computer name changes, contact us and we will supply you with a new license key (max 4 per year).

Site License

A Site License is the regular company registration.This will allow you to run the ADC on any station and is available for up to 200 target stations. If you first want to try in your test environment, contact us for a trial registration key and your personal offer.

Available for online ordering:

Or contact us for your personal offer.

ADC Enterprise

The ADC Enterprise is an integrated solution for your application distributions and network control. ADC Enterprise is built on ADC technology, but uses a hierarchical tolopogy to administer multiple sending servers and target groups. This license is meant for sites varying from 50 to 10000 stations. Contact us for your specific situation.

Other licenses

A Server Synchronization license is available for automated data synchronization, e.g. in a daily schedule. A Roll-out license is available for putting the ADC on your distribution CD-Rom. We can assist in creating scripts for automated distribution or installations.

For any custom usage please contact us.

Resellers and free-lance administrators: contact our sales dept for special offers.

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