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You have one hour to deploy a 50MB application on 50 workstations. Impossible?

Need some speed on distribution of your software, data, images or videos?

Active Distribution Console

XYRO B4 presents the ultimate tool for these and other administration tasks that affect more than one station.

The Active Distribution Console is a complete solution for file distribution and remote control, application installations and network inquiry. The ADC:

  • Performs fast and reliable one-to-many distribution of data files or software.

  • Will make your network administration faster and more efficient.

  • Is meant for sites with an IP network of 10-10000 stations.

  • Is easy to use and does not need extensive administrator training.

And above all, it is really fast in distributing data to many stations simultaneously. This is because the ADC makes use of a special network technique. There is no need anymore to schedule big distributions, like other products do. Just sit at the Console, select your clients, specify your distribution and start it. And then watch your megabytes real-time arrive on multiple target stations.

Active Distribution Console is as fast and as sure as if you were only copying from one server to another. But with one difference: you have as many targets as you want. And you remote-control them all from this one console.

The ADC is an application that runs interactively on one central station. The receiving agent is a service on all client stations that works in the background. Setting up clients is very easy - the central console controls its clients completely, from installation to activation, de-activation and clean-up. The status of clients and distribution results are always real-time available and shown in the screen.

Why is it so fast?

The XYRO ADC uses the IP Multicast protocol to distribute data on the network. This significantly reduces network load: Instead of using the point-to-point TCP/IP connection between stations, the data is only sent one time over the network.

Compare this to regular distributions: multicast software distribution can save hundreds of megabytes of network traffic per station in the network.
An example: for 400 workstations to install a Windows 2000 (TM) Service Pack of 100MB, it will take hours to copy the total amount of 40GB over regular network connections. A file transfer on multicast brings down the network load to only one time sending the 100MB, a matter of minutes

Application deployment

The remote command feature of the ADC can easily be used to deploy applications. Common package types like MSI and SMS-installer are supported as well as any custom created installations.
The ADC Enterprise version can register all distributions and installations in a database. Various database types are supported, like SQL, MySQL, Oracle or Access.

More information?

Check out the download area for the 'features' document or try a multicast distribution with the free demo. Pricing information can be found in the ordering section.

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