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Active Distribution Console downloads

Facts and features (pdf, 50kB) - A small document on the Active Distribution Console. It provides some more information on the functions and features that the ADC offers.

Installation set (v3.99w, zip, 500kB) - Without a license key the ADC distributes to max 5 clients and executes remote commands on max 5 stations. Feel free to test it with a big software or video distribution. Or use it just to run a remote command on multiple stations. The installation program also provides a proper uninstall option.

Crossview download

Crossview (zip, 120kB) - The demo is free downloadable. Without registration, the product is freely usable for 30 days. See the Crossview page for more info.

Other downloads

Some free tools:

  • ExCopy - Utility to copy an explorer view in text format to the clipboard.
  • ChgFDT - File timestamp changer for explorer's context menu.
  • Grfx32 - Unattended display driver installation program for NT.

Other tools by Xyro B4:

  • Userprofiler - Win2k migration tool: sets user home directories and profiles to a new location, with copy and rename options.
  • RGroups - Assists in standardizing or migrating from NT to Win2k: bulk renames groups in an AD.
  • IniTable - Lists an ini file in a table, for processing in Excel™.

These tools or any other custom tools you may need are available on request.

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