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Enterprise Multicast Distribution System

The EMDS integrates the ADC functionality into a clear and effective platform scalable up to very large environments. Optionally, discrete role permissions can be assigned to complete the system with a task-based administrator model.

Key features:

  • Separate administrator roles for data preparation and distribution.

  • Scalable, easy to implement in very large IP networks.

  • Easy to use and implement, no need for extensive administrator training.

  • Hierarchically structured with multiple distribution points.


The EMDS comprises Repository Servers, Distribution Points and control software. The Repository Server consists of a network share that contains all distribution data and the topology and security information. A Distribution Point is a station with a service that can perform a multicast distribution like any ADC master station.

The EMDS control software consists of several user interface modules. Any of these can run from any server or workstation, provided the user has the correct permissions as defined by the security administrator.

All administrator role permissions are registered on the Repository Server. The preparation of distributions and the actual distribution are separate roles and can be assigned to different administrators.
Other roles are available for tasks like: security administration, server administration, clients administration, management reporting, remote command (per distribution group).

Automation and implementation to measure

Next to the versatile user interface that enables you to really control any distribution group from any location, EMDS includes scheduling functions that further eliminate the need for manual action. Any action can be customized to run automatically.

ADC Enterprise logs all distributions and installations into a database. The EMDS supports various database types, like SQL server, MySql, Access and Oracle. This can be fully integrated in your current database system, or kept stand-alone.  

More information?

EMDS is an integrated solution for your application distributions and network control. It extends the ADC technology to work with multiple sending servers and target groups. Contact us for advice on your specific situation.

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